Day 12 – What’s in my purse

Helloooo. Sorry for skipping so many days of writing. I’ve got some test invitation so I didn’t have time to write. So I will write the writing of the skipped day later.

What’s in my purse?
Just a wallet, my reading glasses. Yes I have a not-good-eyes, and it’s getting worse, too much in front of computer and gadget I guess :p
What else do I have in my purse? Hmm my handphones, then some candies, there is also my rosary beads.

I guess that’s all. I don’t like keeping so much things in my purse because it will be so heavy putting too much things in the purse.



Day 5 – If I Won 20 Million $

So this is the right post on the right day :p

If I won 20 million dollars, I will…. SCREAM LOUDLY then FAINT :)))

After I gained my consciousness, then I would spend the money to buy 2 villas. One villa would on beautiful remote stunning white sand beach, and one would be in the beautiful valley of mountain.

Why? So when I felt so much in love, I could take my love one to the beach and watched beautiful sunset there, just the two of us. Sunset brings romantic nuances. Then we could just lay down on the white sand, and gaze at stars above us. *yeah in my dream :)))

But when I felt down, or felt not healthy of mind or body, I could just go to my villa in the valley. So I could just open the window in my room and feel the easy breeze in the morning, the smell of grass drenched in dew drops, the calming sound of jungle insects. And it would make me feel peace.

Yes yes it’s all in my dream. But the title is if I, isn’t it? So what if you won? ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 4 – 5 Random Things that I love

Oopsย  it’s already day 5, and I missed day 4. So for today I’m gonna write 2 posts so it looks like I didn’t miss a day. :p

5 random things that I love.. Hmmm.. Since it’s a random thing then I won’t remember if I did it. But let me try.

One. I like to go to stationery-accessories shop. Sometimes I just did the window shopping. But sometimes the things inside tempted me to buy them. I just like them so much, those cute little things like cute notebooks, cute pencil case, patterned ribbon, stamp, etc.

Two. Err. I like to eat my Oreo separately, the part with no cream first, then the cream part. ALWAYS. I didn’t do it .the twist-lick-dunk way. Sorry Oreo, my way is much better :p

Three. *okay, it’s getting harder. Errrrrrr…. I like staring at people when I eat at a restaurant or a food court. Sometimes I do eavesdropping too :p I just like watching the way they act, their reaction for something that happen. Sometimes I find strange/ unique/ fun things from them. Mostly I don’t judge when I’m watching them. I just watch ๐Ÿ™‚

Four. I like searching karaoke video on YouTube then I’ll sing along, if I have much time :p I like singing in the bathroom too ๐Ÿ™‚

Five. OK the last one, and I’m still trying to find it. Can we just make it four? I don’t have it in my mind right now. If I have it, I will edit this post right away. :p

Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 2 – Passions

Okay so today’s topic is passion. It didn’t spesifically tell that it had to be my passion because if you ask me what my passion is, I will completely confuse to answer that. I am not that kind of very ambitious person who live life very passionately. Maybe it has to do with my earth element. Yes my element is earth, according to my zodiac sign :)) I’m not believing too much on that superstitious thingy, but somehow it fits ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to passion. According to Oxford dictionary passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. It also means aย state or outburst of strong emotion; intense sexual love; an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. So the keyword here is intense. If you want something or somebody with so much intense then it called a passion.ย 

Living in passion is important. Working with passion also important. Because passion can be your fuel, energy to do all of that. As for me, I think my passion is to live in peace. So all I need to do is keeping things in order and it will make me feel peace, secure. If somebody or something disturb my peaceful living, then they can feel the anger of mother of earth. *what the hell am I talking about? :pย 

So for you out there who still live or work not with passion I suggest you to re-think about it. Why would you live or work on thing that is not your passion? So keep finding what your passion is. If your passion is making a great family, then you should go for it. Don’t waste too much time for working. You never knew what you may lose until you really lost them. Maybe you have passion to help others in need, then you could spend little money every month for them, buy something useful for them and you can give it to them. Or maybe you can share your skill or talent to them, so they can use it for making a better life.

So what is your passion? Try to live in it. Ciao ๐Ÿ˜€


Hello March

Hello hello.. Time flew and we already passed 2 months of 2014. What have I done in past 2 months? Nothing I guess :p

So I’ve wanted to do the this challenge for a long time. Why? So I can improve my writing, maybe I can explore myself too. I wonder if I have some hidden talents. As if… :)))

I’ve been searching for the writing blog challenge everywhere, and I found this challenge in this blog :

And starting this day I will try my best to fulfill the challenge day by day. O Lord give me strength and inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜€ So this is the challenge looks like.


Because today’s challenge is Introduction, I guess I introduce enough. See you tomorrow with tomorrow’s theme. Adios ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey ho here I am back again with my blabbering ๐Ÿ˜€

I have this very “unique” habit after watching some romantic drama series or movies. Not that I’m a fan of romantic drama, yeah sometimes it’s my guilty pleasure :p But not the “a lot of lovey-dovey couple with bunch of romantic scene and crying scene of a girl because the guy dumped him” kind of romantic drama. FYI I like watching gunshot action or a massacre thingy. Yeah that’s keep me awake while I was watching the movies :p

So back to my habit. After I watched some series, I always has something that came up in my mind. What if my love life were become an idea of a series? Will I have a not-so caring but still care with cute face and bad-ass attitude-guy as my partner? :p Yeah in my dream :))))

I like the couple who support each other, whether in a drama or in a real life. A couple that one know when to stop to let other move forward or backward, I guess. A couple who will be in other’s side anytime she/he needs it. It’s sweet. Yeah I know it’s lame. But in order to make a relationship work, we sometimes need thoseย “lame” things.

Well be on his/her side anytime she need doesn’t mean that he/she always be on their side literally, but giving others space is considering as a support too. Because to grow we need space. How can a seed grow into a big tree if it has other seeds closed to it? So for you couples out there, give space to your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse or your half life or whatever you called them. Well it’s hard at first because when you love someone all you want to do is protecting them, care about them. Yeah I knew that feeling. But sometimes it turns out that the “care” we give is annoying. So give them space to breathe, to think, to be alone. If they are yours then they will find way coming back to you ๐Ÿ˜€

OK so I’m not that love experts. I’m just an usual girl (or a woman?) who takes a lesson from the movies that I watched *meh :))))

And it’s a relieve after I let this whimsical idea go out of my mind. It’s disturbing, so I’m giving it a space :p